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Trademark Financial Management is a third party money manager and investment consultancy, primarily serving financial advisers. Our goal is to do for advisors what they would do if they had the time and expertise.

Our close collaboration with you frees up your time and energy to concentrate on your personal life or core business with greater confidence and peace of mind.

We focus on risk adjusted returns and principal preservation, because at some point rising prices mean the return potential is no longer worth the risk.

 Independent and unbiased

  • As a privately held firm, we’re under no obligation to satisfy the demands of a larger financial entity.
  • Our fee for investment management is based on the total amount of assets you hold with us. We’re not compensated based on the frequency of trades or the type of investments made.
  • We are held to the fiduciary standard, which compels us to put our clients’ interests above our own.
  • The vast majority of our principal and employee’s net worth is invested alongside our clients’.

Successful, long term investing is a result of a disciplined, repeatable investment process.

Markets are efficient and, over the long term, price and fundamental value will converge. However, over shorter time periods, investors’ behavioral biases create inefficiencies in select areas of the market.

That’s why we employ broad based exchange traded funds. The strategy serves to gain market exposure in efficient asset classes by active mutual fund managers with a history of solid risk adjusted performance in inefficient asset classes.

Working closely with financial advisers, we create risk based investment allocations for their clients. TFM assumes responsibility for asset allocation formulation, account trading, and on-going investment monitoring and reporting.

We primarily use pooled investment products like mutual funds and exchange traded funds because they allow us to modify portfolios to take advantage of current market trends, minimize risk, and efficiently target different asset classes.

Our goal is to generate solid returns when the market is bullish and preserve those gains, as much as possible, as market sentiment turns bearish.

Fee Structure. The fee for investment management is based on the total amount of assets your clients hold with us. This compensation model ensures total devotion to your client’s best interest.

Account Domicile. Our primary custodian is TD Ameritrade.

New Account Minimum. $50,000. Trademark, in its sole discretion, may negotiate to waive its stated account minimum or to reduce/increase any fee.

Availability. Because communication is essential to maintaining long term client relationships, our investment and service staff are available every business day. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Regular Reporting. Investment management clients receive a quarterly portfolio performance report that includes our market commentary.


Investment managers at Trademark will help you clarify complex market dynamics and simplify investment decisions. Think of us as an outsourced due diligence department, freeing you take care of your clients and run a more successful business.

Our fee structure for investment consulting gives you the flexibility to work with us on an hourly or retainer basis.


Small and mid-sized registered investment advisers and independent registered representatives seldom have the capacity, time, or expertise to effectively evaluate complex investment strategies. That’s why we tailor a variety of options to match each consulting client’s unique circumstances.


Registered representatives and investment advisers turn to us for:

  • Asset allocation modeling
  • Investment strategy evaluations
  • Investment manager suggestion and due diligence
  • Environmental, social, and governance based investment solutions
  • Market commentary
  • Custom research
  • Sub-advised management

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Our Philosophy