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Trademark Market Perspective for 8/31/20

The Fed Not much to say about the U.S. stock market overall.  I’ve been reading a lot of analogies lately, so here is mine:  Imagine northern California, circa 1849.  Gold has been discovered, and a lot of people are getting…

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Trademark Market Perspective for 2Q20

Summary Stock prices rebounded sharply last quarter as investors began to anticipate an economic recovery.  Whether the recovery actually comes to pass as soon as the market hopes is another thing entirely, but it is important to remember that the…

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Quarterly Market Perspective for 1Q20

SUMMARY It probably comes as a surprise to no one, but the first quarter of 2020 was the worst first quarter in modern market history.  The stock market lost -19.6%[i] during the quarter, but even that fact masks the truly…

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