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25Jul 18

2Q18 Quarterly Perspective

Summary Stocks rebounded last quarter - at least here in the U.S.  Trade war fears drove up the value of the dollar on the idea that tariffs would lower America’s…

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19Apr 18

Quarterly Perspective for 1Q18

Summary The stock market’s long quarterly winning streak ended in the first quarter, but the loss was less than one percent.  Probably more significant than the market’s loss in the…

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09Apr 18

Market Perspective for April 9th, 2016

A Correction? The longer we remain below the January 26th high in the S&P 500, the more significant those highs become.[1] The term “correction” applies to a market decline that…

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15Mar 18

Market Perspective for March 15th, 2018

The stock market recovered most of its losses from the sharp, interest-rate related sell-off in early February.  That said, the bounce appears to have stalled without having made new highs…

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