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Trademark Market Perspective for 3/18/19

The Great Bull Market The bull market began on March 9th, 2009, so at this point the Great Recession is completely gone from 10-year performance results.  To a large extent, 10-year performance is positively correlated to the technology and consumer…

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Trademark Market Perspective for 2/15/19

It is eye-opening to read the Market Perspective I wrote exactly two months ago.  There was a real sense of dread back then as the global economy appeared moving toward recession while the Federal Reserve was still in tightening-to-fight-inflation mode. …

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Quarterly Perspective for 3Q18

Summary The U.S. stock market posted another strong quarter, rising 7.20%.[i]  Once again, however, U.S. stocks were pretty much the “only game in town”.  International markets were about flat on balance, with developed markets up 1.51% and emerging markets down…

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