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Market Perspective for 1/16/12

The fiscal cliff deal reached on New Years’ Eve helped stocks extend the rally that began on November 16th.   U.S. stocks have regained all of the +7.5% they dropped after Sept 14th, and now sit at levels not seen since…

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Market Perspective for 2/14/12

The Economy The economy continues to improve, if slowly.  243,000 new jobs were created last month, continuing the positive trend.  Investors are showing a fairly significant increase in confidence, enough to push U.S. stocks within a couple of percent of…

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Market Perspective For 6/28/11

Here is a short comment on the markets, because what I really want to do is comment on funds: The global economy is slowing down.  We all know this, and it is well factored into stock prices.  Europe has some…

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